Effect of Traffic Exhaust on Anatomy and Micromorphology of Nerium oleander L. Leaves by Using Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy

İlkay Öztürk Çalı, Neslihan Karavin


This study aimed to determine the effect of traffic exhaust on anatomical and micromorphological structures of Nerium oleander L. (Oleander) leaves. Oleander leaves were collected from two different sites; the urban and rural areas. The paraffin method using microtomes was applied for the cross sections of leaves. To investigate the effect of traffic exhaust on micromorphology of oleander leaves, the upper surfaces of leaves were photographed with SEM. The anatomical and micromorphological changes in leaves of urban group showed that traffic exhaust pollution has significant effects on the anatomical and micromorphological structure of N. oleander L. leaves. At the urban area leaves surfaces were heavily loaded by pollution particules. The increase and decrease in measurements of several leaf anatomical tissues in urban group according to rural area can be an answer to traffic exhaust stress. The detrimental effects of exhaust pollution were clearly seen on epidermis and trichome cell structures in the leaves of oleander. Results obtained in this study clearly showed how the plants cope with traffic exhaust pollution stressed by anatomical changes.


Anatomy; micromorphology; traffic exhaust; leaf; oleander

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