Comparison of the Flow Height of Biga Stream in Two Different Water Years

Kürşat Şekerci, Muhammed Cihat Tuna


Biga Stream (Çınar bridge) flows from the bridge at the 1st km of Sinekçi sub-district road, which turns right at the 14th km of the Biga - Karabiga highway. It is one of the important waters of the Marmara basin.  It is in danger, like many streams, due to excessive pollution and the depletion of the sources it feeds on. In recent years, great efforts have been made for the improvement of the stream and its surroundings. As of the beginning of January 2007, improvement works have been started around the stream. In this study, the flow heights of Biga Stream in Çınarköprü locality in two different water years were investigated. By the General Directorate of Electrical Works and Survey Administration, flow heigh measurements were made in the Çınar bridge section of the Biga stream in the 2006 and 2011 water years. The data used is the flow height in mm obtained by multiplying the monthly total flow by thousand and dividing by the precipitation area. Probably due to the reclamation work carried out, all the flow heights of the stream except February and March of the 2011 water year were seen to flow at a higher level than all the months of 2006.


Biga stream, water year, flow heigh

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