Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to the Eurasian Journal of Medical and Biological Sciences are subject to peer-review according to the following procedure:

Initial review: The Editor-in-Chief evaluates each article to determine whether its subject and content are eligible for consideration by the Eurasian J Med Biol Sci. Manuscripts that do not meet the minimum criteria are returned to their authors within one week from the date of receipt. This is in the interest of authors who may decide later to either fix the issues or send the article to a more appropriate location, and can still lead to rejection by avoiding the delays caused by a lengthy review process.

Peer-review: Papers that pass initial review are assigned to an Associate Editor, who selects several reviewers based on their expertise in a particular field. Each article is reviewed by at least two reviewers as part of the double-blind peer-review process, in which both the reviewers and authors are kept anonymous. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the article according to its originality, robustness of the methodology, impact on design research, and suitability for design practice. To facilitate timely publication, reviewers are asked to complete their review within one month. After collecting the referee reports, the Associate Editor makes a recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief regarding the acceptability of the manuscript.

Recommendation: Based on the comments of the referees and the recommendation of the Assistant Editor, the Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision on the acceptability of the article and forwards the decision to the authors along with the referee reports. The final decision can be "Accept Submission", "Necessary Revisions", "Resubmit for Review", "Resubmit Elsewhere" or "Reject Submission". A revised manuscript must be resubmitted within six months of the decision. It is usually returned to the original referees for evaluation.